The Country Place Resort

The Country Place Resort Next to Zoom Flume Water Park

Resort package includes Free admissions to Zoom Flume water park, accommodations, complete breakfast and dinner daily, nighttime family fun, paddle boat ride and finishing activities on our lake.

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Where are the lovers of nature and all that goes with it? Where are the unsatisfied with the hustle and bustle of city life? We have got the perfect vacation spot for you and for your family.

Good news is you don’t have to live here.

If you want a place to meditate,  think, or just to generally rejuvenate yourself for the next three or four months of mad engagement, we have you covered.

The truth is, nature has freshness and smoothness to give to whoever wills -from the air to the water to the general ambiance, and we have it all to distribute to whosoever wants, for as little as it costs.

The Country Place Resort, as the name implies, is a country place buried in the heart of the Catskills Mountains, famous for its deadening serenity and solitude. It is two and a half hours drive away from the busy New York City, and you know what that portends-a cooler head, a fresher body, and all of that. There is nature hugging you and inviting you from all corners of the sprawling facility-from the greenery which dots the landscape to the animals which captivate and enthrall you with original sounds and sights.

The next wonder is our lodging facilities which come with everything in the book designed to make your stay as memorable as possible. Your mouth will hang open when you learn of the pittance it costs-complete with every add-on you get in your upscale regular hotels. It’s a place you will want to visit again and again. Just one visit and you are hooked for life.

The other freebie is if, in addition to the gift of natural life, you are a sucker for sports and fitness. The Country Place Resort next to the Zoom Flume Water Park, which is the amphitheater of every imaginable water sport in the book-facilities and equipment complete and replete. Whether you come alone or in the company of your family, it promises to be unforgettable.

Give us a try today and we promise YOU WOULD LOVE IT!