The Country Place Resort

The Country Place Resort Next to Zoom Flume Water Park

Resort package includes Free admissions to Zoom Flume water park, accommodations, complete breakfast and dinner daily, nighttime family fun, paddle boat ride and finishing activities on our lake.

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Gliding slowly on the lake, Jeremy raised the hook and the little piece of fish was in the water in no time. The line dangled and dangled for some minutes until it began to pull his hand below under some heavy weight. He immediately knew that what he wanted had happened, but when he tried to lift the line in a bid to pull out his catch, it was almost impossible. He opted for the mechanical rolling, and by the time the head of what he had caught came to the surface, he jumped in fright. It was bigger than his arms put together, but he pulled himself together and held it by the massive tail, and it was in the paddle boat in a matter of minutes. Still making some life-clinging swishes of the tail, Jeremy watched it carefully, but with one last effort, despite the absence of oxygen, it made one last leap and back into the lake it dived, and this time, it swam energetically away, like it was swearing in its mind never to be fooled in that manner in its entire life. Jeremy smiled and decided it was its lucky day.

The thrills and frills of fishing in a lake of this magnitude and standing are something that is better experienced than being told. You cannot imagine the kind of fun it represents to experience the wide expanse of the water adjoining our facility at The Country Place Resort, under the cover of the Catskills Mountains and in the cool and quiet of a location that is miles away from civilization and all that it entails.

The Country Place Resort is a typical home away from home, boasting of all the facilities a world-class haven should have, and the catch is that it costs unbelievably less, and you get unbelievably more than you can ever get elsewhere.

Whether you come alone or with your family, there is something for everyone. Don’t forget that The Country Place Resort is next to the Zoom Flume Water Park you have been hearing about, abounding with every shade of water sports facility in the book. From boat riding to nature strolls or walks, to riding on horseback, everything, we have it in abundance.

Come for a weekend this summer and see what we have in store. You will like it.