The Country Place Resort

The Country Place Resort Next to Zoom Flume Water Park

Resort package includes Free admissions to Zoom Flume water park, accommodations, complete breakfast and dinner daily, nighttime family fun, paddle boat ride and finishing activities on our lake.

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If  The Country Place Resort is the least on your list of holidaying options for this summer, you are not being fair to your family. We have our reasons.

If the country place resort is just a place you may have heard about from friends and family, you may be forgiven.

But if you have heard and experienced what we have to offer to a full-fledged family, even if it’s just once, and you are still considering other options as per what to do this summer, you may need to have a lot of things redefined and re-explained. We know what we are saying.

How can a living human breathe in the purified air of the hollow of Catskills Mountains and remain the same? How on earth can a man think he can have any other location better than the Country Place Resort, sandwiched in between the blessings of the Catskill Mountains and away from everything civilization? Where else can solitude, fun, nature, and quiet live together under one heavenly mix of bliss? These are a few reasons why we say that fairness is something you owe those lovely kids this summer.

Return Country Place Resort to the top of your list. We deserve it.

At the Country Place Resort, there is something for everyone. Everything called relaxation is represented here, for every interest and shade of individual; from the fathers to the mothers and adolescents and teens and youth: we have you covered for everything.

Make it a date with us this summer. Look no further than us; you won’t get a better deal elsewhere. We have all it takes to make this summer memorable.