Irish Arts week


July 14 - 09:30 am


July 20 - 06:30 pm

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The Country Place Resort

91 Shady Glen Rd

East Durham, NY, United States, 12423

Irish Arts Week

In the Irish Arts Week you will be experiencing almost a week of amazing activities. Register for seven days of workshops, lectures, ceilidhs, and sessions around the village of East Durham in contrast with the conventional Irish artists.

Participate and feel the happiness within yourself of the art. Celebrate the Art with the world-class traditional Irish Artists. Evening shows and finale celebration on Saturday, July.

The Irish Catskills “East Durham” becomes a living Irish town. With the Traditional music, art, dance, and much more being heard or seen from history.

Stay with The Country Place Resort near to zoom flume water park ideal spot of enjoying a pleasurable and unique location at an affordable price.

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